Lovie Smith: Josh McCown best chance to win

TAMPA, Fla. – Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith made it sound Wednesday like changing quarterbacks never was considered.

There had been some outside speculation that Smith might want to look at second-year pro Mike Glennon instead of veteran Josh McCown in the final three games. After dancing around the question Sunday and Monday, Smith was direct in saying why McCown remains the starter.

“Josh is our quarterback,’’ Smith said. “He gives us the best chance to win.’’

That’s nice, but you can at least make a case that the Bucs, who are out of the playoff picture, should be looking toward the future. But Smith said that’s not the approach his team is taking.

“We’re not looking at guys,’’ Smith said. “It’s like every other week. The guys that start are the guys that I think give us the best chance to win. That’s not going to change. Week 16 it will be the same way.’’

Smith said playing for the future wouldn’t do his team any good in the present.

“It would be pretty hard to tell the guys “Hey, we’re looking to the 2015 season’’,’’ Smith said. “What I’ve talked to the team about is you come to work, you try win every week. So how could you do it any other way besides that? The future is not here right now. It’s the 2014 season and we feel like we can get some things accomplished. Within the organization, we’re all on board with what we’re going to do in these last games. If we look at someone, we feel like that gives us the best chance to win.’’