Tampa Bay Buccaneers mailbag

Let’s take a dip into the Twitter mailbag and see what questions you have about the Buccaneers:

@PatYazESPN: The Bucs have done an enormous amount of homework on Jameis Winston. They won't take him unless they are convinced totally that his off-field issues are a thing of the past. If they're not convinced, Marcus Mariota is a nice alternative.

@PatYazESPN: I can see the Bucs going for an offensive lineman or a defensive end in the second round. It almost has to be one of those two positions because the needs are so great.

@PatYazESPN: The Bucs have said they were playing the game against New Orleans to win. But they did make some moves that made it look like locking up the No. 1 pick was the priority.

@PatYazESPN: I know it's difficult to be patient and the Bucs haven't made any additions to their offensive line. But they are well aware that it was one of the worst lines in the league last year. They're not going to sit still forever. I think they still will sign a free agent and use either their second-round or third-round pick on an offensive lineman.

@PatYazESPN: Lovie Smith likes to say you need more than one running back. I suspect you'll see a committee approach, with Doug Martin and Charles Sims sharing most of the carries and Bobby Rainey as insurance in case there is an injury.