Buccaneers Sunday mailbag

TAMPA, Fla. – On Saturday, we ran a mailbag that was limited to questions about Jameis Winston. We’re opening the conversation to everything else on Sunday.

@PatYazESPN: If Orchard is available, I think the defensive end is a good possibility. He had 18.5 sacks last season and you can't argue with that type of production. The Bucs have a very good interior pass rush with Gerald McCoy, Clinton McDonald and Henry Melton. They could have a truly special defensive line if they can generate more of a rush from the outside. Orchard could be a big help in that area. @PatYazESPN: We'll continue to talk about defensive end because it's a very significant issue for the Bucs. The addition of George Johnson is a plus and adds depth. But let's be real honest. Johnson never has been a starter and he never had a sack until he recorded six in Detroit last year. Johnson may be nothing more than a rotational player. The Bucs still need to add a top-notch outside rusher. @PatYazESPN: That was a huge problem area last year, and the Bucs have done nothing to fix it - yet. Since they're likely to be starting a rookie quarterback, it's imperative the Bucs get better up front. They almost have to draft an offensive lineman in the second or third round. They might even draft two offensive linemen early. They have poked around at some veteran free agents and still could sign one of them after the draft.