Buccaneers center changes name

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the same center as last season, but he’s going by a different name.

The player formerly known as Evan Dietrich-Smith is now just Evan Smith. The change was made recently because Smith wanted to simplify things.

“It is a hassle," Smith said. “I’d have to write it. I didn’t want my daughter to have to deal with it her whole life."

Smith said Dietrich was his mother’s maiden name.

“My mom did it because Smith is such a common thing," Smith said. “It was something to kind of be different. But she never made me go by it when I was young."

Smith didn’t start using Dietrich until his final year of college.

“I started going by Dietrich to kind of honor my brother," Smith said. “When he was in the Army, our name was so long that all they could put on his patch was Dietrich. It was one of things to kind of honor him being in service."