Tampa Bay Buccaneers mailbag: Will offense speed up?

TAMPA, Fla. -- Let's take our weekly look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Twitter mailbag.

@PatYazESPN: Yes, they are committed to going with a more up-tempo offense with Dirk Koetter. He frequently ran a no-huddle system in Atlanta and you'll see some of that in Tampa Bay. The Bucs installed an up-tempo offense last offseason with former coordinator Jeff Tedford. But Tedford became ill just before the start of the regular season and never returned to the team. The Bucs ended up staying clear of the up-tempo scheme. But coach Lovie Smith wants it and Tedford is installing it.

@PatYazESPN: Smith and Koetter have made it clear they want a balanced offense. They want to improve a running game that ranked No. 29 in the league last season. Koetter's Atlanta offense ranked No. 24 in rushing, but he was working with an offensive line that was worse than Tampa Bay's. The Bucs have overhauled their offensive line and that should help. The Bucs are going to use a two-back system with Doug Martin and Charles Sims. Smith has been emphatic that Martin is the starter, but I think you also will see a healthy dose of Sims.

@PatYazESPN: Very slim and maybe even none. If the Bucs were going to trade Mike Glennon, they probably would have done it by now. They're very comfortable with him as the backup to rookie Jameis Winston. It's not likely that the Bucs would go through the process of Glennon learning Koetter's offense and then turning around and trading him. Besides, they would have to scramble to find another backup.