Trade of Akeem Ayers nets something for nothing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- What’s the value of a guy who hasn’t played in five of his team’s seven games and ranks fourth among outside linebackers on a team getting minimal production from the position?

The Titans are getting the Patriots' sixth-round pick in next year's draft in exchange for Akeem Ayers and a the Titans' seventh-round pick, as long as he passes a physical.

The trade does not have any conditions connected to it.

Good job by the Titans getting something for a guy who’s in a contract year and contributing nothing.

Bad job for the Titans turning a second-round draft pick into much, much less.

I suspect the move speaks to the ongoing attempt to change the culture of the Titans. Ayers showed no fire and made no strong move to force his way into the lineup even as others at his position have been unproductive. He should have been working tirelessly to show coaches he needed to be active and on the field with the defense. Ayers did no such thing.

This isn’t a huge message-sender, but his teammates should see the team looked for and found a way to divorce Ayers despite needing help at his spot.