Mailbag: Eight Titans to build around

Welcome to our Week 9 edition of the Titans mailbag. We appreciate your contributions.

Enjoy the bye break. Watch some good games but also step outside.

Paul Kuharsky: Left tackle Taylor Lewan, tight end Delanie Walker, wide receiver Kendall Wright, defensive end Jurrell Casey, inside linebacker Avery Williamson, cornerback Jason McCourty. Those six guys can play. My other two choices are based on potential: quarterback Zach Mettenberger and defensive lineman DaQuan Jones. Paul Kuharsky: Well, first off, right now they'd draft around fifth. It's possible they won't have a crack at Jameis Winston. Each guys off-field problems are different and need to be judged on a case-by-case basis. He is immensely talented. But will they feel he's on the track to mature and make better off-field decisions? They are not that far removed from an immature quarterback in Vince Young. I think they'll be wary, but it's a long, long way off. Paul Kuharsky: It takes more than speed. Quality offensive tackles can handle a smaller fast guy if he doesn't have a repertoire of moves. I've seen nothing from Zaviar Gooden to suggest he's a quality edge pass rusher. Paul Kuharsky: It depends on what's there. I can't se them going O-line in the first round for a third year in a row. They need an edge rusher more than anything but an answer at quarterback. They are due to use a premium pick on a defender. Paul Kuharsky: I can't see it. There is a minimal market for an aging running back, and the Titans have a lot of guys. They can trim their group and still have enough to choose from. Paul Kuharsky: No, but I can't imagine it'd take you long if you ask around. Next home game might actually be tough -- Monday night Nov. 17 against Pittsburgh. But Dec. 7 against the Giants you should be able to find for next to nothing. Paul Kuharsky: I think they think he can play all three downs and do all the things a running back needs to do. But they aren't looking for one back to do everything; they are a committee team now, as a good share of teams in the league are. What he is now is not what he will be. They have a lot to figure out and a lot to fix up front. He can catch and block, he just might not be at the head of the line for either now. It's too soon to judge if he was the right guy. Paul Kuharsky: I don't think that's at issue here. If you're on the Titans and you bail on Whisenhunt, you're denting your career. He's going to be done with you as fast as he can. And how many guys on this team could bail and be assured of finding work and the salary they expect elsewhere. Not many. The young guys have to buy in, they won't have a choice. And if you came in this year, Whisenhunt really wanted you, so you automatically have some loyalty to him. I do think they play tighter and more nervous than they should, in part because they worry too much about making mistakes.