Titans mailbag: Taking on your questions

Welcome to the weekly Tennessee Titans mailbag. Thanks to those of you who contributed with questions. You can send them any time hashtagged with the space-saving #PKmail. Onward ...

Paul Kuharsky: Avery Williamson played 14 special team snaps, 54 percent on Monday night. I don't think it's unreasonable for a first-year linebacker to be asked to fill a role on special teams in addition to being a big piece of the defense.

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, Tommy Smith has indicated they will go back to navy blue as their primary off-white uniforms. We've not had a chance to ask him what he thinks of the uniforms overall or the primary and secondary logos. I don't know that any other changes are in the works at this time.

Paul Kuharsky: They cannot draft an offensive lineman in the first round for a third year in a row. Time to develop a mid-round pick or mid-round free agent.

Paul Kuharsky: Nothing. Avery Williamson is a starting inside linebacker for this team now and going forward, and a good one. The question is what happens to Zach Brown, who I don't think is much of a 3-4 fit.

Paul Kuharsky: Losing a good blocking tight end like Craig Stevens certainly hurts. But it's only so big a blow. Runner, O-line and play-calling are way bigger factors and all lacking for the Titans yet again.