Like Jameis Winston or not, it's good for Titans he's in draft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The father of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says his son is leaving school for the NFL draft.

This is good news for the Tennessee Titans.

Not because they’d take him with the No. 2 pick on April 30. I don’t think they should and I don’t think they will, because his off-field issues are significant.

The franchise is not far removed from Vince Young, a failed quarterback (No. 3 overall pick in 2006) dragged down by maturity issues that were much less severe when he entered the league than Winston's.

The Titans will thoroughly study and investigate Winston to determine not just how they feel about him as a quarterback but how he would handle the money, notoriety and temptations that come with being a top draft selection and an NFL player.

Even if they scratch him off their board, it’s obviously good that Winston will be in the draft pool, because plenty of teams need quarterbacks. Marcus Mariota or Winston will be available at No. 2, and the player who’s there will be attractive to a needy team looking to make a big addition.

If the Titans choose not to take the top quarterback on the board after the Buccaneers make their pick, they will want others to be enamored with him.

The Titans will be hoping for several needy teams to emerge in order to maximize their opportunities to trade out of the No. 2 spot, collect more picks and address other needs.