Defining moment No. 8: Bernard Pollard's dropped interception

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With the 2-14 season in the bank, we'll spend some time looking back at a dozen plays that defined the Tennessee Titans' season.

I put them in rough order, but we certainly could shuffle the list,

Game: Cowboys 26, Titans 10, Week 2 at LP Field, Sept. 14, 2014.

Situation: The Titans had just pulled within 16-10 against the Cowboys with a 61-yard Jake Locker-to-Delanie Walker connection. Tennessee was in position to make it a game as Dallas took possession with a touchback. The Cowboys got two first downs and were at the Titans' 33-yard line.

Play: With 4:51 on the third-quarter clock, the Cowboys faced second-and-4 from the Titans' 33. Tony Romo moved from under center into shotgun, took the snap, faked a handoff and faced a seven-man rush. With linebacker Derrick Morgan storming at Romo from his right, the quarterback looped a pass over Morgan intended for Jason Witten. The pass was high and turned Witten, who jumped and got his right hand on it. The ball fell right into the hands of closing string safety Bernard Pollard right at the 40-yard line. He had a clear path to the end zone for a touchdown that would have given the Titans a 17-16 lead. But Witten recovered, reached to Pollard's belly with his right hand and stripped the ball free before Pollard had control, turning it into an incompletion. "He made a great play," Pollard said. "I've got to hold that ball."

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The rundown:

No. 9: Zach Mettenberger's bomb to Nate Washington

No. 10: Le'Veon Bell running out the clock

No. 11: Sammie Hill's field goal block against the Jaguars

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