Defining moment No. 1: Blidi Wreh-Wilson allowing Andy Dalton's TD catch

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We've reached the final post in our series running down the 12 moments that defined the Titans’ disastrous 2014 season.

I put them in rough order, but we certainly could have shuffle the list without much debate.

I know the suspense has been unbearable and it was impossible to predict the winner, especially with 11 other candidates off the board.

So here we go to No. 1.

Game: Bengals 33, Titans 7, Week 3 at Paul Brown Stadium, Sept. 21, 2014

Situation: Tennessee came into the game 1-1 with a win at Kansas City and a loss to Dallas in the books. We still had little idea about who the Titans really were as they got to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. The Titans trailed 3-0 late in the first quarter and the Bengals moved deep into Tennessee territory.

Play: Facing first-and-10 from the Titans 18, Andy Dalton took the shotgun snap, pitched the ball right to receiver Mohamed Sanu, and leaked out to the left as a receiver. "As soon as I released it, I was like ‘Uh oh,'" Sanu said. "Because they had a guy right there who we didn’t expect to be there." The guy was cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson, who’d seen the play in practice as the Titans prepared for the Bengals. They were well aware of Sanu’s propensity to be involved in trick plays. But Wreh-Wilson hesitated, unable to decide if he should go for the ball or crush the quarterback. In that pause, he failed to do either, allowing Dalton to catch it and head for the end zone and a 10-0 lead. "At the end of the day, I have to find a way just to eliminate the touchdown,” Wreh-Wilson said. “Deciding between making a play on the ball or the man, that’s where things got a little tricky for me. I was trying to pick a place to hit him where it would basically eliminate a penalty. When the ball was up in the air, I should have just hit him and that should have been the end of it. Hit him and eliminate the possibility of a run after a catch." His indecision in that moment serves as the top illustration from 2014 of just what the Titans were -- and weren’t.

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The rundown:

No. 2: Wesley Woodyard's penalty against the Jets

No. 3: Shonn Greene’s goal-line fumble in Baltimore

No. 4: The failed fourth-down sneak against the Browns

No. 5: Zach Mettenberger's pick-6 against the Steelers

No. 6: Pierre Garcon's 70-yard touchdown catch

No. 7: Mettenberger's second shoulder injury

No. 8: Bernard Pollard's dropped interception

No. 9: Mettenberger's bomb to Nate Washington

No. 10: Le'Veon Bell running out the clock

No. 11: Sammie Hill's field goal block against the Jaguars

No 12: Chris Spencer's false start on a kneel down