Sunday Mailbag: On outside backers, Titans receivers and trade value

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- You loved the Saturday mailbag, so we're back with more.

Paul Kuharsky: Jonathan Massaquoi, grabbed off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons recently, may qualify as the "developmental" guy. The Tennessee Titans certainly need more behind Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan than Kamerion Wimbley and Massaquoi. But I don't know how high a pick you spend on a guy you don't intend to have on the field on third down anytime soon.

Paul Kuharsky: Who's the most explosive/dynamic play-maker the Titans have? Delanie Walker is their best playmaker, but he's not Rob Gronkowski at tight end. Kendall Wright may catch on to the system, but it doesn't favor what he did best two years ago when he was a top third-down threat. Hunter looks more likely to bust than to boom. So yeah, I think they should get a good receiver high.

Paul Kuharsky: CW is conventional wisdom, for those like me who didn't know it. I don't know if they will get Jimmy Johnson trade chart value in a deal. But I'll make a pledge and I want all of you to consider joining me. If the Titans deal the pick, before we look at what that chart and the one more valued by the analytics community say (the second one in here), let's ask ourselves if it looks good. If they don't get fleeced, I don't think they should get crushed for not getting what the charts say they have to get to "win" a trade.

Paul Kuharsky: Not a lot. I mean, I do the best I can watching important college football during the season, factoring in travel and family obligations. But nowhere do I pretend to be a draftnik who's combing over film and can identify a lineman who's especially good or bad with his hands or a receiver who's especially precise or imprecise with his routes. I'm influenced by certain analysts, certainly. But I'm talking to plenty of people in the league, too. Whether I like the Titans' top picks as they make them or not, they will all come in with a chance to show us how good they can be. And they'll draft bunch of guys I know zero about before their name is on the ticker. That's the case for a ton of people in positions like mine.

Paul Kuharsky: The Fast and the Furious 0.