Scouting the Titans' scouts: Blake Beddingfield

Scout: Blake Beddingfield

Region: Has served as Titans director of college scouting since 2013.

Tenure: In 17th NFL season, all with the Titans.

Previously: Scouted Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and Southwest for Titans. Was promoted to scouting coordinator in 2007, and was the second set of eyes “over the top” on everyone East of the Mississippi.

College: University of Alabama.

Personal background: A native of Huntsville, Alabama. He and his wife have two kids and live in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Some Titans hits from his territories: DT Albert Haynesworth (first round out of Tennessee in 2002), LB Stephen Tulloch (fourth round out of NC State in 2006); G Jacob Bell (fifth round out of Miami, Ohio in 2004).

Some Titans’ misses from his territories: WR Tyrone Calico (second round out of Middle Tennessee State in 2002); CB Michael Waddell (fourth round out of North Carolina in 2004); WR Courtney Roby (third round out of Indiana in 2005).

Assessment of note: “Stephen [Tulloch] came from a [NC State] defense that had three defensive linemen in the first round and probably two more guys that are going to be picked here in just a little bit. He is the guy that made the team go. He is the leader on defense. He is the emotional guy. He is just the guy that makes the defense go. He’s an aggressive, instinctive player ... Twenty-one tackles for a loss tells me he’s making plays behind the line of scrimmage or at the line and this is what this guy does. He can slip under blocks. He can play off blocks. He’s quick. He is instinctive in the pass and the run. Stephen was a junior coming out early but the coaches just raved about this kid. With all the first-rounders, some will tell you that he’s the best defensive player for this team.” -- Beddingfield after the Titans drafted Tulloch.

GM Ruston Webster says: “He does a good job of dealing with the scouts, and that’s a very important aspect of that because you deal with them almost on a daily basis. He organizes everything. He goes over the top and sees as many players as he can see during the year.”

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