Upon Further Review: Titans Week 5

An examination of four hot issues from the Tennessee Titans' 26-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs:

Figure out the run: The Titans look to me to have more talent on their offensive line than the Chiefs. Chris Johnson has a similar skill set to Jamaal Charles. Former Titans quarterback Neil O'Donnell suggested on Nashville radio Monday morning, and I fully agree: The Titans should be looking closely at the Chiefs and trying to model some of their running game after the team that just beat them. I’ve complimented Mike Munchak and his staff for not being stubborn about game plans and approaches. Sunday, with the way they tried to run against the Chiefs and the personnel they deployed for some clear run situations, they were stubborn. Either that or they’ve totally overestimated their personnel. Stubborn is the better of those two options, and it's easier to fix.

Kenny Britt: In response to a question about the struggling receiver, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said the team has to reassess everything. Not every uncaught target is a drop, of course. But Britt has pulled in just six of 21 passes thrown his direction. That 28.6 percent catch rate is 333rd of 340 players in the league who’ve been thrown a pass. I understand wanting to be patient and help a slumping player through a tough stretch. The Titans have to find a way to solve it on the practice field, however. No matter how well he blocks in the run game, his team can’t have nearly three-fourths of the passes thrown to him not produce yardage.

Return teams: Damian Williams was victimized by an unfortunate bounce on an early punt that hit his leg and turned into a Chiefs touchdown. The problem started with return man Darius Reynaud. If he couldn’t come forward to field the ball, he has to communicate loudly and thorough to the entire punt-return team that it needs to get away. Reynaud is too shaky, and there is reason to worry that once a game he’ll make a play that hurts the Titans. He shouldn’t be bringing many kickoffs out of the deep half of the end zone, either.

Accelerate progress: Munchak tends to be overly patient, at least with what we can see. In a post Sunday, I pointed back to something he said in July about the team’s identity. The Titans intended to win in the trenches, but it’s not happening regularly, particularly in run-blocking on offense. Games at Seattle and against San Francisco will be major challenges in those departments. If you’re the more physical team able to get a tough yard and stop people from getting one, we’re going to need to see it against two physical opponents.