Expect less white, more navy blue on the Titans this season

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- In a move away from the light blue that hearkens back to the Houston Oilers, the Tennessee Titans avoided their dark jerseys last year.

They wore white at home, and seven of eight road opponents chose to wear dark jerseys, leaving the Titans in white, too.

The Titans wore non-white jerseys just once in the regular season, on Oct. 26 at home against Houston. Those were navy.

The expectation during 2014 was that they would declare their navy uniforms their primary dark this season, and I’m hearing that remains the plan. (Navy was a base color for the franchise in its early years in Tennessee. In 2008, the Titans shifted to light blue.)

So the Titans will wear white or dark blue tops in 2015, and light blue will be their alternate jersey. We don’t know if or when they plan to wear those.

I'm asked a great deal about a uniform change. With the shift in leadership among the ownership, I haven't had the chance to ask the right people about it.

But uniform changes are a complicated process that starts well in advance. Don't expect a change for 2015. If the franchise wants to make a change for 2016, it would probably need to be setting that in motion soon.