Titans' rookie receivers eager to follow Marcus Mariota

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- There are all sorts of friendships in an NFL locker room, but guys drafted in the same class often develop a special bond.

The Titans hope Marcus Mariota and Dorial Green-Beckham feel the connection from being 1-2 in their 2015 draft class for a long time, and that it reaps benefits for them.

DGB quickly found a number and started texting Mariota shortly after the Titans selected the Oklahoma receiver with the 40th overall pick on the second night of the NFL draft.

“Marcus knows I am going to go out there and work hard, so he knows that he’s gong to have somebody that he can count on,” Green-Beckham said. “He can be like, ‘Dorial is out there working.’ That’s my mindset.

He told his quarterback, “Every time you’re in the weight room, make sure you bring me.”

The Titans other drafted receiver, seventh-rounder Tre McBride, offered an interesting take on Mariota’s leadership.

“You wouldn’t know [he won the Heisman],” McBride said. “Marcus stays pretty quiet, but he still is a leader. What I really like about Marcus is that he doesn’t say much but what he does say holds a lot of weight. That’s the kind of leadership that I like.

“It’s not the rah-rah, the thing that seems to be all for show. He seems like a genuine guy and I’m excited to be able to be on the same team with him and to work with him to make the Titans as successful a team as possible.”