Lunch Tuesday: The Mettenberger vs. The Mariota Burger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Zach Mettenberger remains a favorite of some Tennessee Titans fans who aren’t on board with No. 2 pick Marcus Mariota yet.

If you eat at Gabby’s, one of a bunch of great burger joints around Nashville, you can pick your quarterback by picking your burger.

The May specials are the Mariota Burger and the Mettenberger.

Being a diligent reporter, I immediately offset my mid-morning run by heading for Gabby’s to sample both.

I prefer the Mariota, and that’s got nothing to do with the QBs.

The peanut butter on the Mettenberger was too weird for me, even as I am honored to be mentioned on the menu. (Yes, they know they have a typo on “franchise.”)

Ultimately, they were nice enough to allow me to sample both before turning my attention to a more traditional Seamus Burger, their straightforward cheeseburger.

I "periscoped" the taste test, then took Titans questions while talking with my mouth full over lunch. Thanks to those who stopped by. It didn’t save, so count that time as super special if you were part of it.