Tennessee Titans rank 148th in ESPN salary survey

The Tennessee Titans rank 148th out of 333 international teams surveyed in an ESPN/SportingIntelligence report revealing the sports franchises that spend the most on their players.

The Titans' average annual player salary is $2.2 million. The franchise’s total player payroll of $114.1 million ranks 40th.

The survey analyzes 333 teams in 17 major pro leagues, covering seven sports, 13 countries and 9,731 athletes who are making a combined $17.94 billion.

The salary cap keeps the NFL in a reasonable spot here. The Miami Dolphins are the highest-ranking NFL team, with a $2.3 million annual player salary and a total payroll of $124.3 million which ranks 20th.

French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain is first with a $9.1 million average player salary. The Los Angeles Dodgers are tops in total payroll at $272.8 million.