First look at Marcus Mariota working with full roster coming shortly

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When you’re the second overall pick, every first is a big deal.

Tuesday morning at 10:45 a.m. Central, Marcus Mariota will take the field with all the Tennessee Titans for the team’s first organized team activities practice of the offseason.

There won’t be any pads or any hitting.

But on May 26, this is what we get.

We’ll see how the rookie quarterback carries himself when he’s surrounded by plenty of guys who have played plenty of years in the league.

Those guys will be very curious about how he takes coaching, how he works, how he calls and understands plays, how he takes snaps, how he goes through his reads, how he works to dodge pressure and how he throws.

It’s a tough deal for a rookie quarterback taking over. Is he at all reluctant to correct or instruct veterans who know (or should know) more about what the Titans are doing than he does? Does he offer such things in an organic way?

Part of the Titans’ attraction to him is that he is a natural quarterback, and that comes with a somewhat innate ability to handle things like that without overthinking them.

Safety Bernard Pollard isn’t around any more to chirp at a rookie quarterback, but surely some defensive players will have some things to say to him to see if they can fluster him.

I’ll be there and share all I can the best I can on Twitter and Instagram. The team has restrictions on how much detail we can offer.