Reexamining the Titans' genetic issues

Paul Kuharsky: For a Patriots-style offense you need Patriots-caliber talent and coaching, and the Tennessee Titans don't have that. Conceptually, sure, they'd like to do that. Power running out of spread concepts can get you favorable matchups. But the Titans have to prove they can block and run power, and they have to show they can make spread concepts work in the passing offense. Paul Kuharsky: Here's the piece you're referring to. It takes time for stuff like that to change. It starts at the ownership level, and we don't know what's going on there. Steve Underwood is in place as the interim president and brings some stability. He can be a positive influence for change, but he was also a big part of the fabric of the franchise before he retired in 2011. Things certainly got worse after he left. I said they need some genetic engineering, and I think it takes a while to figure out how to engineer before the procedure starts. Hopefully for them, they are preparing for that now. Paul Kuharsky: Certainly Marcus Mariota's poise and calm are appealing attributes for a two-minute situation and for the general chaos a team can feel during a game. He showed that in college, and he's looked better than fine in OTAs. Whether that carries over into real NFL games with speedier defenders and fiercer pass rushers is something we have to find out. Paul Kuharsky: I do. I think Ken Whisenhunt has offered more information during OTAs than I would have expected and he's generally looser. Will he be that way after a loss in September, though? Paul Kuharsky: Cody Prewitt seems very poplar among fans. I'm not sure why. I think Huff and Daimion Stafford are the backups to Michael Griffin and Da'Norris Searcy. Huff's versatility enough he can help at corner. But I asked Ken Whisenhunt if Marqueston Huff could contend for nickel, and the coach said while he wouldn't rule anything out he also wouldn't call it likely. Greg Cosell of NFL Films isn't very impressed with Prewitt.