Expectations for Dorial Green-Beckham

Paul Kuharsky: I don't know because I don't know Dorial Green-Beckham to know what will work best for him. I certainly think it's smart to let a guy know your expectations as a peer and that you want a read on him to know how best to help him.

Paul Kuharsky: So one guy dropped from his rookie year with Whisenhunt to his second year without him. Another guy dropped from his second year without Whisenhunt to his third year with him. And off of that we should determine what? Wright's dip was clearly at least in part a result of the change in what was asked of him. I don't think Whisenhunt would argue that it was a factor -- a factor he feels the receiver should have a better handle on now.

Paul Kuharsky: It's a predictive business with all sorts of factors. No one can know for sure how a guy will react to tougher competition, football as a profession, having money, taking a big hit, etc, etc, etc.

Paul Kuharsky: I'm applying a common standard of mine to Justin Hunter at this point. When he does something significant in a meaningful situation, I'll then begin to expect something of him in a meaningful situation.

Paul Kuharsky: A third-round draft pick (Jeremiah Poutasi) and a free agent they think can be solid (Byron Bell) seems sufficient to me. I expect a third-round pick to start right away or be ready to start in relative short order. If he is, then they should be fine there. If he's not, then that's a problem. But using a third-round pick on a spot qualifies as addressing it aggressively to me.