Marcus Mariota plans to gather with receivers before camp

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Considering everything he's been through the past 10 months -- his final season at Oregon, lifting the Heisman Trophy, playing for the national championship, preparing for the combine, visiting with teams in advance of the draft, working out at his pro day, being selected second overall and joining the Tennessee Titans -- Marcus Mariota has every right to be tired.

Yet, with one more day of minicamp left before a six-week lull in the NFL calendar, he won’t say he’s fatigued.

“It’s been a long six, seven months for me,” Mariota said. “… I wouldn’t say [tired]. I love the game, I’m passionate about it. So each and every single day I am excited to be here and I know it’s a blessing and a privilege. Tired wouldn’t be one of the words I’d use to describe it.”

He will seek to find a balance in his time away, where he can relax but will also put in work with the playbook and with workouts, maintaining his arm strength and getting together with receivers for some extra work.

“We’ll find something or somewhere to be able to practice," he said.

Some receivers have suggested they gather back where Mariota is from in Hawaii.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Mariota said to laughs. “That’d be a great time for sure.”

Receiver Hakeem Nicks said the extra work is a necessity.

“We’ve talked about linking up in July for two or three days, whether it be in Oregon or wherever,” Nicks said. “I told him I’d come to him wherever he is. I do that every offseason. That’s something I’m used to doing. Me and Marcus have talked about it, we don’t have set dates. We’re going to reach out to whoever wants to come for a little gathering.”

“Nobody would want to turn Hawaii down.”

When Mariota does plan out the next several weeks, a trip to home is likely and he’s sure to spend time back at the beach.

“The ocean to me is a place where I am kind of able to rejuvenate and relax,” he said.