Titans mail features Peyton Manning, Marcus Mariota questions

Now, time for some mail...

Paul Kuharsky: This idea that Peyton Manning can step out of uniform one day and be ready to be a team president the next day is, I think, preposterous. John Elway's last year playing for the Broncos was 1998. His first year as an executive for them was 2011. In between, he did a long term with the AFL's Denver team. Manning doesn't have to follow that exact path, certainly. But if he goes straight from playing to being an executive, I think there would be an apprenticeship at the start.

Paul Kuharsky: Marcus Mariota. I detailed why in here.

Paul Kuharsky: Absolutely not. They've made it clear Mariota is their starter. He made it clear in offseason work he's already better. Offset language is not an issue that is going to last for the long-term. I think he'll be signed in time. If he misses time, we're talking about a couple practices. If he's not there, they absolutely would be concerned about it.