Marcus Mariota and Titans compromised with partial offsets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A week after taking a hard-line stance publicly, indications are the Tennessee Titans gave in a bit on the only issue between them and Marcus Mariota as they agreed to terms with their new quarterback.

The deal for the second pick of the 2015 draft includes partial offset language, sources told me.

The team wanted it; the player didn't. It's a provision that has a tiny chance of coming into play; it concerns whether the team gets a discount if Mariota winds up cut and playing elsewhere in the fourth year of the deal.

Among the top 10 picks in the draft where it's an issue, only Jacksonville's Dante Fowler and St. Louis' Todd Gurley didn't get offset language, and the Jaguars and Rams have basically decided it's not important to them.

Once the Titans' deal with Mariota is filed to the league and reviewed, it will be reported in more detail and we'll know if they met right in the middle or somewhere else.

But for now is appears it's a happy compromise where neither side has to accept a “loss” and the team can get on with things.

The Titans have a poor track record of getting picks in on time even since 2011, when a new CBA made the finances of deals a slotted deal with no numbers to debate.

And that's foolish.

They were taking unfair grief on this one, however.

It doesn't matter that they were last. It only would have mattered if Mariota missed time. And the deal is done nine days before players report and 10 days before they practice.