Anthony Fasano seeks 'basement floor' of respect, behavior from Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Veteran tight end Anthony Fasano joined the Titans to offer them a deeper rotation at the position.

He’s a capable pass-catcher and blocker and should be a nice piece to go with Delanie Walker and Craig Stevens.

And as a 31-year-old, 10-year veteran who has been with Dallas, Miami and Kansas City, he brings a wealth of professionalism and experience.

“It’s an honor to be one of those older guys, that kind of actually crept up on me pretty fast," Fasano said. "There are a lot of eager young guys here who have good heads on their shoulder, good football IQs. We have good coaches that will put people in the best places to succeed.

“It’s an important role that I take upon myself with the other older guys on this team and that will continue to grow.”

I was struck by a locker-room interaction Fasano had with some younger teammates during minicamp, when he stumbled into a conversation that strayed from what he saw as an acceptable standard. He subtly, quietly asked those teammates to be professional.

(It was hardly criminal, but it wasn’t smart talk. I don’t know if Fasano got their attention. But, as he returned to his locker where I was waiting for him, he certainly got mine.)

“Without changing people’s personalities, I think there is kind of a basement floor of respect and doing things the right way," Fasano said. "And then, above that you kind of get the personalities and let them come out. I think that’s healthy, unless you’re hurting yourself or other people around you."

The basement floor concept is a good idea for a football locker room and for a lot of other places.

Fasano’s comments left me thinking he’ll be an impactful guy for the Titans well beyond Sunday afternoons.