Taylor Lewan wants Titans to have 'chippy, gritty, salty' O-line

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Taylor Lewan turned wordsmith Thursday, plucking a variety of terms to describe how he expects Tennessee’s offensive line to be this year.

Among them: Rugged, blue collar, chippy, dirty, gritty, salty, a little crazy.

It’s a great message, one all of the Titans linemen need to adhere to.

An underachieving group needs to transform into a tone-setting one that protects its rookie quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and helps generate a better running game to take pressure off the Heisman Trophy winner.

“As an offensive line, it starts with us,” he said. “We have to be the foundation of this offense, the foundation of the team. And if we work together, play a little dirty, a little over the line a little bit, a little crazy, and work together, then I think we’ll be real successful…”

“(We want to) completely harass, bully defensive linemen. Go after guys all the time. I’m not saying hurt people or anything like that. …We can be an offensive line that nobody wants to play against.”

Lewan also said after the terrible 2-14 season in 2014, he feels like the Titans owe Nashville.

People in Music City will certainly respect his candid review of the offensive line’s performance during his rookie year.

“To be brutally honest, I think we were soft,” he said. “And I think [offensive line coach] Bob Bostad would say the same thing. That’s one thing he’s definitely been preaching this offseason. We want to be tough, we want to road grade, we want to run that power like no one’s ever done it.

“A guy like David Cobb at Minnesota, that’s all they’ve ever ran. We’ve got the guys in the backfield that can do it. We just have to be able to put our running back and our quarterback in position to be successful.”

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was thrilled at the level of buy-in those kind of comments showed from Lewan.

Now, of course, the line has to go out and show it can take on the new and improved personality.