Derrick Morgan ready for benefit of teaming with Brian Orakpo

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When linebacker Derrick Morgan decided to return to the Tennessee Titans with a new contract, the team was simultaneously signing outside free agent Brian Orakpo to play opposite him.

The two only played 10 snaps each on Friday night in Atlanta, on a terribly easy 91-yard touchdown drive for the Falcons.

It's too soon to tell what Orakpo's impact will be on Morgan.

"It's kind of hard to tell given the amount of plays that we had, we only had 10 plays and I dropped into coverage on about half of them," Morgan said. "I hope they pay all attention to Brian and leave me out one-on-one. We'll see. I think they are going to have to pay attention to more than one guy."

Morgan has 23 sacks in 66 career NFL games. He has a reputation for getting close to quarterbacks, which can certainly affect plays, but not finishing as often as a team would expect from a No. 1 pass-rusher.

Now he should be one of three guys who can get to the quarterback with regularity, along with Orakpo and defensive lineman Jurrell Casey.

"We feel like we have two guys off the edge. Last year, a lot of times Derrick was close. We feel like we got another guy they have to worry about and Jurrell inside. Maybe it'll get us some one-on-one matchups that'll give us a chance to win," said coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Morgan visited Atlanta and Tampa Bay during free agency, and fielded interest from Dallas.

He said it was healthy to get out and see other situations and opportunities before he decided he wanted to stay put.

The Titans really need both the outside backers to be available for the full season, as they have unproven options behind them.

After tearing a chest muscle three different times, Orakpo changed his training regimen, feels far less stiff and is eager to get to work with Morgan.

"He's a great player, a guy that knows how to get after it, very relentless after the ball," Orakpo told AP. "And he's just going to continue to get better. He's in his prime right now the way he uses his hands, the way he stays low. He's a great rusher, and I'm excited to be working with him."