Mailbag: Comparing Marcus Mariota's composure to past Titans QBs

While Periscope sessions are enjoyable, they can't replace the old-fashioned mail.

Paul Kuharsky: I want to see more of David Cobb, too, and Bishop Sankey continues not to show the sort of explosiveness needed from a back of that style. But too many fantasy players write RB1 and RB2 in stone and seem hell bent on not accepting fluidity to the situation. I think Cobb will prove the better back and wind up with more carries. But Sankey will also get some, Dexter McCluster will have his time on the field, Antonio Andrews probably gets work and Jalston Fowler will have some chances too. Even a scenario that includes a "bell cow" back for Ken Whisenhunt would also include a third-down back and a niche for McCluster. So would that be an RB1 in your eyes?

Paul Kuharsky: There is nothing wrong with Nissan Stadium right now that better football can't solve. They recently spent big money on giant video boards, a revamped sound system and elevators to the upper deck. It's a 30-year lease that runs through 2028. I feel like it's the kind of building that can be updated and be just fine for a long time. But maybe the Titans will want a new-fangled palace and maybe Nashville will spend a lot of money to help provide it. I can't imagine the conversation would need to start for 10 more years.

Paul Kuharsky: Marcus Mariota reacted just fine. He was angry with himself, but not to the point that he lost any of his calm or composure or couldn't recover with that fine drive at the end of his playing time in Atlanta. That calm is way more like McNair than Young (a pouter) or Locker (who would panic and try to do too much to make up for mistakes). Not that I am comparing more than the reaction in that situation.

Paul Kuharsky: Mariota is a clear leader on offense, and a quarterback has to be. Delanie Walker continues to serve in that role and Taylor Lewan is taking on more. Defensively, Jurrell Casey is ready and willing to do more, but Brian Orakpo is really positioned to be first in line for the role.

Paul Kuharsky: Maybe they won't. But if they don't and have to call on a backup guard and get poor play, guess how many fans will say, "What would you expect from an inexperienced guy making the minimum?"