Colts' AFC South dominance has Titans' locker room eager to flip script

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Since they became a founding member of the AFC South and after they won the division in its first season in existence, the Tennessee Titans have had a consistent target to aim at.

They get another shot at the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in Nashville at Nissan Stadium.

The Colts have won the division nine times in its 13-year existence and gone to the playoffs as a second-place team three times.

“They are a good team and they’ve put the work in to be a good team,” Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan said. “I’m not going to get jealous or mad about another team being good.”

Cornerback Coty Sensabaugh struck a similar note.

“I wouldn’t say I’m annoyed by it, they earned it," he said. "It’s our job to go and take that from them and hopefully we can start that this Sunday.”

The Colts have had the long string of success with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck as their quarterbacks, with a one-year bridge between them. In that same span, the Titans have started eight different quarterbacks.

Sunday Marcus Mariota will be their ninth. The franchise hopes he joins Luck to make it a two-quarterback division.

Outside linebacker Derrick Morgan has been around for four years and has a 1-7 record against the Colts.

“I hate losing to them,” he said. “We usually play them close, with the exception of last year (losses by 41-17 and 27-10). We usually play them close and/or have a lead at some point in the game. When you have a lead on these guys and you let it slip so many times, it’s so aggravating because you know that you can play with them.”

“We have to win this game, we can’t be the old Titans where we look back on the season and say 'Oh we let that game slip, we missed another opportunity in the division.' So they’re 0-2, we’re 1-1. We’ve got to take this game, it’s a pivotal game for us.”