Don't jump to judge Zach Brown's tweet about moving on

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans inside linebacker Zach Brown sent out a tweet on Tuesday that many jumped to read as a commentary on the Titans and an announcement he no longer wants to be part of the team.

That was my initial reaction too.

I reached out to three people who could offer claification, and none did. One team official declined to comment and another didn’t respond to my text. Brown’s agent, Brian Overstreet, also did not return a message.

Writing "ready to move on" and pointing to Akeem Ayers in the same tweet makes it easy to conclude Brown is saying he wants out. Ayers, after all, got out last season, when he was traded by the Titans to the Patriots.

But perhaps there isn't so much to it.

On Aug. 16, also two days after a Titans loss, in the preseason opener, Brown used the same phrase.

That was also vague — we don't know what he wanted to move on from, or to — and it didn't set off a firestorm.

The Titans have one last practice before four days off during their bye. Maybe the Tuesday tweet means he thinks it's time to move on from the bad loss Sunday against the Colts. Maybe he's got plans to catch up with Ayers, or is looking to make them.

Dot-connecting here is both tempting and easy.

I don’t think anything about Brown’s play at the start of a contract year has put him in a position where it would be wise to voice frustrations on Twitter. But again, we can't be certain that's what he's doing.

Ken Whisenhunt won't be in front of the media again until Monday. We won't have access to Brown until Oct. 7.

He'd serve himself well to tweet a clarification a lot sooner than that. Not everyone will consider how the tweet might not be what it looks like.


Readers have pointed out that Brown also tweeted in response to the team’s request for votes for a player of the week.

Provided Brown knows who would be voting, that is directed more at fans than the team.