Don't expect a change at coach or GM for Titans during the season

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans just got beat by a team led by an interim coach, which has contributed to a lot of fans contemplating the idea of an interim coach in Tennessee.

Ken Whisenhunt’s Titans are 3-18 since he took over in 2014. Since Ruston Webster was elevated to general manager in 2012, the team is 16-37.

The Twitterverse wants change.

It’s my strong feeling that's not going to happen during the season.

Whisenhunt is in the second year of a five-dear deal. The Titans have done well to keep the length of Webster’s contract a secret.

Interim president and CEO Steve Underwood speaks for Amy Adams Strunk, the team’s controlling owner, and the rest of the five-pronged ownership group. They brought him out of retirement to guide the franchise, advise them and ultimately hire his own replacement.

Strunk has a relatively new bio on the team’s website.

“I believe in hiring good people and letting them do their jobs,” Strunk says in the bio. “Everything should revolve around what’s best for the Titans and not around the owner. While I talk frequently with the leaders of the Titans as I do with all of our family’s companies, the people in our football operations need the control and latitude necessary to create an exciting and competitive team.

“Our business staff needs the same freedom in order for our organization to reach its full potential and to continue to create a first-class fan experience at Nissan Stadium. Decisions will always be made based on what is the best for the team to reach our goals of becoming one of the elite franchises of the NFL and enriching the communities of Nashville and middle Tennessee.”

Underwood’s ultimate replacement could be the person to advise ownership on making changes.

But for now, Underwood -- a patient, methodical executive -- is at the helm.

The odds of a change during the season, no matter how much the fan base may come to crave it, are super slim.