Titans need even more run-defense help from NT Al Woods

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans brought back Al Woods as their nose tackle.

In his third year with a franchise he said he believes in, can Woods help solidify the Tennessee run defense?

In 2015, all sorts of variables affected the performance of the Titans' run defense.

I was able to isolate only one -- Woods. And the numbers say he was a difference-maker.

With Woods in the game, the Titans gave up 3.31 yards per carry; without him, they gave up 4.28.

On runs up the middle, it was 4.16 with Woods on the field and 4.51 without him.

Woods knows the Titans need to steer opponents out of the middle.

Asked what needs to change for the central run defense to improve, Woods said, “More technique from us up front as a front seven. More trust in each other. One play at a time. I know that at some points in time in games we kind of got all over the place instead of just honing in on our keys and stuff.

“I think just as time goes on as we play together more and more, hang out together and start building stuff that we can’t measure, we’ll be fine.”