Pre-draft visits likely more telling with Jon Robinson as GM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans track what prospects are visiting what teams, looking for any hints of what will unfold when the three-day draft commences on April 28.

And because Titans general manager Jon Robinson believes it’s possible to glean information like that, he’s not eager to offer up details about the list of 30 players (plus guys from the Nashville area and guys who played nearby) who will visit the Titans by April 20.

"We track all that stuff with all those other teams, sometimes it points you in the right direction, sometimes it doesn’t," he said. "We try to keep our cards as close to the vest as possible."

Robinson did say the team’s local visits are on Friday and will include Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds. Another local, defensive back Jalen Ramsey of Florida State, will visit Monday, and Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil and Ohio State pass-rusher Joey Bosa are to visit later.

In the past, the Titans have emphasized that visits shouldn’t be read into too much. They would have guys in to clarify questions or revisit issues in order to complete and solidify a scouting report.

Under Robinson, these visits should be more telling.

Robinson said the team could spend late-round picks on guys they have not hosted, but that it’s not very likely for the more premium picks.

"Usually it’s guys that you have spent time with," he said of who gets picked. "You want to make sure you get to know the guy, because you’re going to work with him, coaches are going to work with him on a daily basis. Seventh-round, sixth-round or if all the scouting information you’ve accumulated and you’re just rock solid and you know that you know, if it’s a first- or second-day pick, then maybe you don’t have them in.

"But for the most part, you spend time with them."