GM Jon Robinson sees positives to trading No. 1 pick sooner, not just later

Robinson: Titans open to trading No. 1 pick (1:36)

Titans GM Jon Robinson explains how the Titans are willing to listen to offers to trade their No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, as well as says what it would take the acquire the pick. (1:36)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- While trades involving draft picks typically happen on draft day, Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson said he’s open to making a move with the No. 1 selection in the April 28 draft in advance.

Robinson said “a couple” of teams have been checking in about the pick. The timing of a potential deal is largely up to the Titans, he said.

“We control that. If we did it, when would we want to do it?” he said. “Those are some of the discussions we’re having as well. From an immediacy standpoint, how soon are we willing to move on it. We’re trying to take precautions. We want to do what’s best for the team. And who’s to say some team doesn’t come out of the woodwork in the next three weeks?”

An earlier deal would mean the Titans lose a chance at a slower moving team making a better offer later.

“Maybe, but I think if we think it’s a really good situation for us, then we would move on it so we could make plans accordingly. There is some value to that, too, in that you can start to strategize.

“When you do stuff last minute, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. It’s like if you’ve got an inclination to blitz. You might sack him for a loss or you might get popped on a bomb. You’ll never know. There is a positive to doing it sooner rather than later.”

Robinson certainly is looking for ways to try to spur action from other teams. He may want to consummate a deal sooner rather than later. But will his potential trading partners?