Where Jon Robinson saw added value in Titans' early deal with Rams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As we learn how Jon Robinson works, we can see the Tennessee Titans news general manager is a shrewd operator.

Out of The MMQB’s tick-tock of the Titans-Rams trade that sent the No. 1 pick of the draft to Los Angeles and the No. 15 pick to Nashville, I found one nugget from Peter King particularly interesting.

Robinson spoke about one exchange with his Rams counterpart Les Snead.

"At one point," Robinson said, "I told Les that the other part of the number one pick is as soon as we’re out, our logo is off and your logo is up, you control the top of the draft, there’s a marketing and branding impact, you’re in the pole position, you’ve got great stuff for 'Hard Knocks' [the Rams are the NFL’s chosen team for the NFL Films/HBO series this summer] and we’re out. To me, there was some value in that. You get two weeks of branding and marketing."

That’s a smart take. The picks are the value in this deal, of course. But that Robinson saw an extra value in the timing of the deal, and felt he was giving something extra away, is interesting.

And I think it shows the depth of his vision.

The scope of it should be encouraging to fans of his team.