Titans guard Sebastian Tretola: 'If you can run the ball, you can do anything'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Guard Sebastian Tretola was a sixth-round pick. His draft status, position and pedigree hardly line him up to be the guy who frames the Tennessee Titans' identity.

But as a guest on my radio show, The Midday 180, he offered as good a summation of what the Titans now want to be as anyone has.

"I think if you can run the ball, you can do anything," he said. "And obviously you want to go get guys that you feel comfortable (with) running the ball whenever you feel like. I think that’s what, obviously, the organization did in who they picked up in free agency and with the draft.

"That’s the mindset going into it, as least I believe. We want to run that ball, and when you run that ball, the whole team gets juiced. The defense is on the sideline. We’re milking the clock, so they have a chance to rest. The receivers are somewhat fresh, so if you just send them on a streak and let them go, they can go do that. So it kind of opens up everything when you’re able to run the ball."

The Titans are trying to develop a new mentality, and the way Tretola talks shows us that with the 193rd pick of the draft they were able to find yet another guy who can help them do it.

Tretola also said his short arms -- "T-Rex arms" -- don’t hnder his game.

"Once I get my hands on you," he said, "it's usually not too good after that."