Titans' Jack Conklin: Time at both tackle spots keeping focus broader

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Flipping from one side to the other on the offensive line can be a challenge, even for a veteran.

Linemen often say a move can be similar to a righty learning how to do things left-handed.

Lots of guys do it, and some do it well. The ability to flip is a skill that’s of value.

“It's not easiest thing to do,” former Tennessee Titans left tackle Michael Roos, who played as a rookie on the right, told me. “Your entire view of field changes and angles of attack are opposite. You have to get used to opposite stance, which is tough depending on how much muscle memory you have for one side. You have to re-teach those muscles. The best way to do it is to get a ton of reps at it to find comfort level.”

Titans first-round pick Jack Conklin is working at both left and right tackle in his early days with the Titans. It’s highly likely he is the team’s starting right tackle this season, but he’s could also be their top option to play left tackle if Taylor Lewan gets hurt.

Conklin said recently he likes the way moving around forces him to focus.

“That’s just going to speed up my process of learning the offense,” he said. “If I know what the right tackle is doing, I know what the left tackle is doing. I’ll be able to understand the whole scheme better.

He played at right tackle in his first three games at Michigan State. He then moved to left tackle primarily, except for some packages when he was a tight-end type on the right.

“It’s a little different switching your feet up a little bit," he said. "For me, I’ve switched back and forth in practice. I’m used to doing it before. It’s not a huge transition, I’ve played right tackle before.

“Because I’ve been flipping so much, you can’t get your mind stuck on one thing. So then you’re thinking broader.”