Derrick Henry impressed GM Jon Robinson during rookie camp

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson didn’t catch the videos of Derrick Henry's position drills that were in this space on Friday.

“No, I was watching the Sport Science one where he was moving 1,500 pounds of bags and was the fastest to the line of scrimmage in the last five drafts. So I thought that was pretty impressive.”

In a visit with my radio show, The Midday 180 in Nashville, Robinson joked that his biggest question about Henry coming into the league was his hair and “the aerodynamics that’s going to create.”

He sketched out two runs Henry had in unpadded, no-hitting rookie minicamp that wrapped up Sunday.

“He got through one hole that I swear it couldn’t have been eight inches wide,” Robinson said. “And he picked his feet up and got through it and lowered his shoulder like he was going to run through a tackler. There was one, it was a zone play, he saw a cutback lane, stuck his foot and cut back across the grain and outran the pursuit of the defense.

“For a guy that big and that strong to come in and show in the team portions what he was capable of doing, those were two impressive runs by him.”

Lateral agility has been a big question from outsiders about Henry. That wasn't Robinson's chief concern before the Titans spent a second-round pick on him.

“He was a unique back to evaluate because he is such a bigger guy,” Robinson said. “You’re trying to, body type comparison-wise, put him like, 'if this guy is kind of like this guy or kind of like that guy.' And he’s a longer guy.

“One of the concerns we had was was he going to be able to drop his pads when he got into the hole, being such a bigger guy. I keep going back to that one run where the hole was small. He dropped his pads and got down, the hitting surface of him must have been like a 5-10, 5-11 guy once he got through there.”

The Titans came not to see his dropping his pads as an issue.

Henry will have a different style than many backs. He will rely on his vision, and the team intends for a revamped line to be able to provide him with some lanes that aren’t too hard to get through.