Fifth-round WR Tajae Sharpe running with Titans' first team

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Fifth-round receiver Tajae Sharpe continues to impress the Tennessee Titans, and worked as a first-teamer during their opening minicamp practice Tuesday.

Rishard Matthews and Kendall Wright appear likely to be in the top three for the Titans. Dorial Green-Beckham, a second-rounder from Oklahoma, and Justin Hunter are split-end types, as is Sharpe.

“He’s right there right now, he could be our starter, he could be the starting X,” receiver coach Bob Bratkowski said. “... He’s competing for it, nothing’s given to him at this point. But he’s performing at a level as high, or higher, than any of the guys in the group.

“It’s a good start. Obviously there are a lot of things down the road here that we’re going to have to deal with. But he’s very intelligent; he’s an extremely hard worker. He spends more time studying, getting extra help than anyone we have. He’s just in here constantly, on football. Plus he’s very well skilled. He plays fast, he is a crisp route-runner and with the intangibles of the studying and all the work that he puts in in the side, that’s giving him a chance to start.”

It a great sign that Sharpe is drawing such raves. But that he can outrank Green-Beckham and Hunter so quickly says a lot about those two players as well.

Mike Mularkey said the Titans are not trying to send a message by putting Sharpe at the head of the line. They are rewarding the best play with the top spots. But any competitor seeing it unfold in front of him should regard such a development as a push, Mularkey said.

Whether it’s getting the attention of Green-Beckham or Hunter or not, the secondary is seeing it.

“He’s a really good route-runner, us as the cornerbacks and DBs have been very impressed with what he’s come in and done so far,” Jason McCourty said. “And he’s a Jersey guy so I’m not really surprised at all by the talent he has, the poise to come in and learn his plays and go out there and execute it while running with the ones.”