Could Jalston Fowler help offset loss of Craig Stevens?

Paul Kuharsky: Recently retired tight end Craig Stevens is a loss, thought he was probably not as good as we tend to remember him. Ideally, the team finds someone on waivers who can take on most of his role. I spoke with one personnel man who said that outside of the very top blocking tight ends, few are able to really take on ends or backers at the point of attack anymore. That suggests to me the Titans would be wise to use their new sixth offensive lineman, Dennis Kelly, as a tackle-eligible sometimes. He did that a little with the Eagles and was a high school tight end. Other tight ends, Anthony Fasano and Phillip Supernaw, will take on more responsibility. Maybe fullback Jalston Fowler will get some play there, too, or a few plays will be revised to from two-tight to two-back. I haven't asked, but I have no reason to believe Fowler's ever been in a tight-end meeting. Paul Kuharsky: Easy there, Cowboy. The Titans scored 299 points last season, an average of 18.7 points per game. There is a lot to like on offense right now, but we haven't seen a meaningful game yet. If the Titans scored 31 points weekly we'd be talking about a nearly 66 percent increase in scoring output. I'm going to be bold and tell you that's not happening. To your broader point, the preseason indication is the offense has looked better and the defense might not be. We must be cautious in placing too much emphasis on preseason action. I think the defense will generate more pressure and that will make for a better unit. To return to your exaggeration: The Titans gave up 26 points a game last season. I don't know how far that will move, but it won't be up to 38 -- which would be a 44 percent increase. Paul Kuharsky: I don't think they'd give Josh Gordon a thought. It's a really bad idea. He's incredibly gifted, but he's suspended for the first four games of the season. That's on top of a two-game suspension in 2013, a 10-game suspension in 2014 and a season-long suspension for 2015. (Story here.) Why would the Titans want to give up a draft pick or picks for a guy who's so unreliable and so often unavailable?