How four key free-agent cornerbacks would fit with Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We don’t know how active the Tennessee Titans will be when free agency starts March 9.

But if they don’t land an experienced cornerback, they’ll head into 2017 counting a great deal on rookies and guys who weren’t good enough in 2016.

Let’s run through some of the options expected to hit the market.

“It’s a good group,” Greg Cosell of NFL Films said.

A.J. Bouye, Texans

Draft: Undrafted by Houston out of Central Florida in 2013.

Listed size: 6-foot-0, 190 pounds.

Career: 50 games, 19 starts, six interceptions, 32 passes defensed.

2016: 15 games, 11 starts, one interception, 16 passes defensed.

Cosell: “Bouye I like a lot. I think he’s got great versatility and I think he’s got really good length to play on the outside.”

A scout: “Loved Bouye coming out of UCF. Loved that kid -- personality and play. Competitive.”

Logan Ryan, Patriots

Draft: Third-round pick, 83rd overall, by New England out of Rutgers in 2013.

Listed size: 5-foot-11, 195 pounds.

Career: 64 games, 40 starts, 13 interceptions, 40 passes defensed.

2016: 16 games, 13 starts, two interceptions, 11 passes defensed.

Cosell: “Ryan is an interesting player. When he’s in the slot, they use him as a blitzer at times and he is good at it. He can match up and play man, and they certainly play a lot of zone as well. To me, Logan Ryan is a solid NFL corner who can play both zone and man and be effective in the slot.”

A scout: “A New England guy. I don’t love his talent.”

Titans GM Jon Robinson has used Ryan as an example of how he uses analytics.

Stephon Gilmore, Bills

Draft: First-round pick, 10th overall, by Buffalo out of South Carolina in 2012.

Listed size: 6-foot-1, 190 pounds.

Career: 68 games, 66 starts, 14 interceptions, 62 passes defensed.

2016: 15 games, 15 starts, five interceptions, 12 passes defensed.

Cosell: “He’s been frustrating for me. When he came out of South Carolina, I thought his skill set was really high level. He’s had his moments in the NFL. He’s played a lot of man. He’s at times played really well, at times he’s been beaten. But I still think he’s got a really good skill set. He just needs to play with more consistency.”

A scout: “Gilmore is a great kid. I didn’t watch him last year, but he was super-talented.”

Prince Amukamara, Jaguars

Draft: First-round pick, 19th overall, by the New York Giants out of Nebraska in 2011.

Listed Size: 6-foot-0, 202 pounds.

Career: 69 games, 57 starts, seven interceptions, 51 passes defensed.

2016: 14 games, 12 starts, no interceptions, six passes defensed.

Cosell: “A guy that I don’t have a great feel for. He played press, he played off, they played man and cover-3, Gus Bradley’s foundation.”

A scout: “Prince is just a guy.”