Titans GM Jon Robinson can't sleep on tough questions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- I’ve got a pocket watch and a couch. I’ve taken an online hypnosis class.

Now all I need is a subject.

If I could lure general manager Jon Robinson into my office and pull my “you are getting sleepy" shtick, I’d try to find out the Tennessee Titans’ draft plans. But I don’t think he’d break.

So I’d turn to the roster he already has and ask him these questions:

What do you guys really think about DaQuan Jones?

I know your team likes the defensive end, and he earned his way into the nickel packages some last season. He’s a sturdy 6-foot-4, 322 pounds and certainly made a contribution to the NFL’s No. 2 run defense.

But how much do you like him? Enough that he would influence your desire for Jonathan Allen or Solomon Thomas (who’s Kevin Dodd-sized) in the draft? The Titans’ defensive line is a strength, but while we are on the subject, how about a review of a couple other recent draft picks in Angelo Blackson, Austin Johnson.

Is Kevin Byard now your center-field safety?

The four-man rotation last season was odd, but Byard clearly emerged as a solid force in the secondary. He played a lot more in or near the box than most of us expected, however. Does the addition of Johnathan Cyprien, who’s clearly a box safety, mean Byard will move into the center-fielder role, where we could see more of the ball skills that led to his 19 picks at Middle Tennessee State?

Do you believe you can cover opposing tight ends with your current inside linebacker group?

Not Rob Gronkowski. Everyone has issues with him. Jack Doyle of the Colts and C.J. Fiedorowitz and Ryan Griffin of the Texans have hurt you. That can’t happen, right?

Do you believe you’re equipped, as the roster stands, to address that?

Left guard Quinton Spain certainly looks like he can play. How do you feel about Spain and Josh Kline as your guards?

The offensive line finally turned back into a strength in 2016. Mike Mularkey said 2016 sixth-round pick Sebastian Tretola should compete for a spot in the lineup. Between those three and veteran addition Tim Lelito, do you have enough options to feel good about your guards?

Why do you have your PR department list the Titans as a base two-back offense?

Sure, Jalston Fowler is a good fullback. And you’re not responsible for the sins of Ruston Webster, who drafted a guy with a very small role in the fourth round in 2015.

But why does the team pretend, in its unofficial depth chart, that it is a two-back offense?

Fowler played 182 snaps in 2016. You ran 443 snaps with two tight ends or more.

What’s the story behind pretending to be two-back?

Bonus question:

You are still very sleepy, in a deep, deep sleep.

Is there any doubt in your mind about Marcus Mariota not being the same player as a result of the plate in his right leg?