GM Jon Robinson smartly adds speed to Titans

NASHVILLE. Tenn. -- The 2016 Tennessee Titans were not fast enough to post threats on offense or cancel out threats on defense.

But based on 40 times, they've gotten a great deal faster.

It's not the greatest measure, as a 40 time from the NFL combine or a pro day doesn't always measure up to game speed, and it certainly isn't a permanent number that stays static for a veteran. But it's what we have for the purpose of this exercise.

Per ESPN Stats & info: Times listed are combine times where applicable. Times for players who did not attend the combine in their draft years are either available pro day times or times/averages from various sources or reports.

The Titans have 15 players who ran better than a 4.50. Of those, 12 have been added to the team in the two years general manger Jon Robinson has been in charge of personnel.

Off that list, eight players -- Brice McCain, Khalfani Muhammad, Corey Davis, DeMarco Murray, Adoree' Jackson, Eric Weems, Daren Bates and Kevin Byard -- figure to be guys with regular roles for this year's team, and all of them have been brought in by Robinson.

Robinson downplayed the Titans' lack of speed on offense in 2016 as an issue. But the player he drafted at No. 5, Davis, brings it, as does seventh-rounder Muhammad, a change-of-pace back. The Titans' third-round receiver Taywan Taylor, a quick slot guy, ran a 4.50.

The Titans needed more speedy playmakers. Robinson's wisely been collecting them.