Titans seek run game's 'dominating mindset' for pass offense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans' rushing offense made great gains in 2016 and built up a mentality that matched its physical, determined style.

It wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Now, Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie wants the same mindset for the passing offense.

It’s a group with a new wide receivers coach in Frisman Jackson and three new pass-catchers: receivers Corey Davis (first-round pick) and Taywan Taylor (third-round pick) and tight end Jonnu Smith (third-round pick).

“I believe we need consistency and more dominance from a mental standpoint in the passing game,” Robiskie said. “... You know we are at that point we are who we are: a physical football team. We believe in being physical. We are going to play physical, we are going to do that. And I think, theory-wise, we don’t care who we play against. We make up our mind we are going to run the football, and we make up our mind we are going to run this play, we’re going to run that play. We’re going to run the football and we are going to run that play.

“That’s our mindset. We’ve got to get that mindset in the passing game. If we make up our mind that, 'OK, hey, when I call all hook, I'm going to win,' somebody out of the four or five guys that’s out, somebody’s going to win. We’ve got to get that mindset, and I don’t know if we are at that point. We have to get that mindset that, I don’t care what the coverage is, one of us is going to win, and we are going to throw it and we are going to catch it. We’ve got to get that dominating mindset.”

If Davis, Taylor and Smith are what they Titans expect, they will help the offense do that.

The team pushed receiver precision last season. And while there were gains, head coach Mike Mularkey still fired good friend Bob Bratkowski after one season as receivers coach. Robiskie said Jackson will be able to communicate well with the young receivers as the Titans press to be technically sound and more explosive.

Robiskie said it’s “good to have new toys” and later, when including potential No. 3 running back Khalfani Muhammad, added that the young prospects on offense make him “salivate” and make his “heart start pumping.”

The big theme of a dominant mindset from Robiskie is one many Titans fans want to hear -- and it creates some healthy competition on offense, where the passing game will be expected to do more tone-setting and less merely to supplement the run game.