Inside the Titans rookie show: Impersonations, New Edition and Adoree' Jackson's Temptations act

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans training camp ended for the rookies on Thursday, so Wednesday night they were officially indoctrinated into the team culture with one final contingency: Put on a successful talent show. They didn't disappoint.

The stars of the show, according to head coach Mike Mularkey and several Titans veterans, were cornerback Adoree' Jackson, linebacker Jayon Brown and tight end Jonnu Smith. Quarterback Tyler Ferguson got an honorable mention for his impersonation performance with Jackson.

"You can tell they put some time into it. They did good because they were threatened for weeks on it," Mularkey joked. "It was so bad last year that if they were average, it would have been great. They really did a good job."

Jackson and Ferguson drew the best laughs of the night for their impersonations of Mularkey and running backs DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

"I didn't know how they were going to react. First I looked at DeMarco, he's cracking up. Derrick's cracking up. Mularkey's cracking up. DaQuan [Jones] was taking selfies. It was just fun," Jackson said. "[We've] always been a team, but once you get everybody together laughing, cracking jokes on somebody, impersonating somebody, and the people that are getting cracked on are laughing and having fun, it just feels good."

Veterans put a three-player maximum on each performance to prevent an episode like last year, when 20 guys came up at once so they could all knock it out.

Titans quarterback Matt Cassel said it was one of the best talent shows he's seen in his career. He admitted he gave Ferguson the idea for his performance. Each position group decides what their rookies will have to undergo, but the show is an annual full rookie festival.

There was also a singing portion of the talent show. Brown led the way with a strong rendition of "Can You Stand the Rain" by New Edition and even brought the instrumental to keep up with the beat. Jackson sung a track by The Temptations, but the veterans gave him a hard time, refusing to clap or sing along.

"I thought they were going to kick me off stage, throw paper at me, throw a shoe at me," Jackson said, discussing the totality of his rookie-show performance. "But they loved it, so I can't complain about that."

The losers of the show, according to Mularkey, were a couple of rookie offensive linemen who didn't stack up to the rest of the group. Overall, the Titans rookie show was a success -- it appears to have brought the team closer, and they had a few laughs at each other's expense.