Whiz moving Titans to iPad playbooks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans are getting more modern.

As president and CEO Tommy Smith has reviewed the franchise he’s looked at equipment.

“We want to make sure that we have the very best equipment for our players whether it’s what the trainers use, what Steve Watterson in the conditioning area (has), that sort of thing,” Smith said in his Tuesday interview with the Midday 180.

One upgrade he signed off on for coach Ken Whisenhunt is the use of iPads for playbooks.

Gone are paper playbooks the team has always used. In are playbooks and the ability to watch film on an iPad, where the team can scrub information from it if it’s lost.

Whisenhunt is pleased to be making the leap.

“I applaud Mr. Smith for allowing us to do that because that is an investment,” Whisenhunt said. “It just makes everything more easily attainable. What I’ve found is, guys have that with them, they’ll watch tape even if they are watching TV at home, they can have the iPad sitting on their lap and watch plays during the commercial.

“And information, you can get it to them so quickly. If you make a change in a specific play on the game plan or the call sheet, you just update it on the iPad and they get it right now.”

Offensive coordinator Jason Michael is also a fan of the move toward modernity.

“I think that’s the way the world is now, I think that’s how guys learn,” he said. “Everybody’s got an iPhone, everybody’s got an iPad and those things. I think the most glaring things with it is the film -- having the ability and the access to take film home.

“You want guys to still be around the building and building the continuity with the team, spending time together as groups, the protection meetings, the receivers and skill guys with the quarterbacks. You want those things to still happen. But for a guy to have anything he wants at his disposal on an iPad to take home, I think it’s the most prominent way it’ll be used.”

Players won’t just have access to the playbook and film on their iPads, but they’ll find the team’s weekly schedule on them too.