Does Whitehurst like 'Clipboard Jesus'?

New Titans backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst joined us on The Midday 180 in Nashville, which gave me an opportunity to ask him the pressing question people in Nashville have.

Does he embrace or endorse his nickname, "Clipboard Jesus"?

"Yeah, I don’t necessarily endorse that," he said, laughing. "I certainly don’t like the clipboard part. The Jesus part, I don’t know if I can live up to that, either. Can any of us? It’s something I heard a few years ago. I've tried my best not to perpetuate the thing down the road at all. But I guess there are worse things that can be said about you."

His Twitter profile (@Cwhitey6) reads: "He is I and I am Him." Is that a tribute to Jesus or Snoop Dog?

"Well, I guess there might be a little bit of both in there," he said. "I think it's more of the Snoop Dog song. I'm staying away from the Jesus part. That's Snoop Dog for sure."

Whitehurst bombed quickly when given a chance to start in Seattle four years ago. He choose to join the Seahawks then over the Cardinals, where Ken Whisenhunt was pushing for him.

Whitehurst said it would have been hard to say no to Whisenhunt a second time.

"I'm a lot better player now than I was four years ago and even two years ago," he said.

Here's the full interview.

Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been told he's being released, per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. That was expected once the Titans got Whitehurst, considering Fitzpatrick was soon due a $500,000 roster bonus.

I predict he'll have another job in short order.