Details on Michael Oher's contract

People who know a lot more about offensive tackle production than I do were not wild about Michael Oher's work product in Baltimore in 2013.

That doesn’t mean he can’t be a solid or very good right tackle for the Tennessee Titans. But he’ll have to play better than he did in a down year for the entire Ravens offense to justify a deal ESPN reported as four-year, $20 million contract with $9.5 million guaranteed.

Those numbers weren't exact.

Oher received a $4 million signing bonus with a guaranteed 2014 base salary of $2 million. Then $3.35 million of his 2015 base salary for 2015 is guaranteed only for injury.

So it's $6 million guaranteed now. With potential for $3.35 million more in 2015. If Oher is healthy, the Titans can get out of the deal after one season at a cost of $6 million with no further expense.

There is a tryout element here.

Oher has bases salaries of $4 million in 2015, and $5 million in 2016 and 2017.

This morning he was a guest on The Wake Up Zone in Nashville and was asked how he rated his performance last season.

“My play last year? Our entire offense, we struggled a little bit,” he said. “We had guys banged up injured. We lost Dennis Pitta, he was gone for most of the season. Anquan Boldin went out to the 49ers. Ray Rice got hurt. Out backup running back got hurt. I think all that fell into play on the entire offense. And it was just a lot of adjusting.

“For me personally, I don’t think I played too bad. I think people watch me a little bit harder than a lot of other offensive linemen because I might be a little more known. So I get a lot of the blame and people don’t really know what’s going on in meetings rooms and stuff like that. That’s why I figure you asked me this question. How do you think I played? What, you think I played bad or something?”

I appreciate his candor for sure, but am surprised he didn’t say he didn’t have the year he’d hoped for.

“I think I played all right, me personally. I work hard every single day. I love the game of football, I expect a lot out of myself, and hopefully I can get things rolling in Tennessee and help us win some games.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.