Nashville wants to host an NFL draft

If -- or more likely when -- the NFL takes the draft on the road, Nashville wants in.

Per John Glennon of The Tennessean, the Tennessee Titans and Music City have told the league for some time that Nashville would like to host a draft if the NFL starts holding the spring event outside of New York.

"For at least four or five years, we've had occasional communication with the special events folks at the league, and (Titans executive) Don (MacLachlan) and I have gone up there and met with them," Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation president Butch Spyridon said on Friday. "We expressed very serious interest that if they ever wanted to talk about (moving the draft), we wanted to be at the table. And even if they hadn't thought about it, we wanted to plant the seed.”

The league has said it is currently focused on New York, Chicago and Los Angeles for the 2015 draft.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the list in consideration is longer than that and also includes Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston.

Nashville wouldn’t likely be near the head of the list for an NFL draft road show. Bigger markets and markets with teams with more history probably get the nod.

But once the league starts taking the draft to other cities, Nashville is more than equipped to host and is always a big hit when big events come to town.

Downtown is compact and a giant new modern convention center would be a centerpiece for an NFL draft.

"You look at the CMA Festival (that just finished) -- 47,000 people a night for four straight nights is great," MacLachlan said. "You look at what we have to offer with the Music City Center, LP Field, downtown and all the hotel rooms. I would emphasize that Nashville has become a great destination city for conventions, for big events."