Mailbag: What are guys paid during camp?

Thank you for loading up Twitter with mailbag questions. Here’s our first edition of the bag since camp opened:

Paul Kuharsky: Everyone gets room and board. Above that, first-year players get $925 a week and veterans get $1,700 a week. That's from the first day of camp until one week before the regular-season opener. Then the Titans' pay structure is different than most of the NFL.

Paul Kuharsky: It's far too early to say. Performance in preseason games will be the biggest factor in Maikon Bonani's bid to beat out Travis Coons and replace Rob Bironas. Bonani has a huge leg. The question is accuracy. If they both tank, the Titans could still look outside. But not back to Bironas. Lots of kicker questions overall. I expect Bonani to emerge. I don't think they are thinking at all at this stage about any veteran outsider.

Paul Kuharsky: The way Tommie Campbell is playing right now, he doesn't look like an NFL player. But we have to allow for more time with coordinator Ray Horton and DB coach Louie Cioffi and some work sample in games. And we have to consider the alternatives. Even if Marqueston Huff passes Campbell, someone else would have to get ahead of him for the fifth corner spot. And if Campbell is on the roster, he's not playing on defense unless something goes terribly wrong, so he won't factor into passing yardage surrendered.

Paul Kuharsky: Nope. I'm going to presume they sound like a combination of John Facenda and Jack Buck, and thank you very much for the compliment. (At least I'm not a bad pigeon.)

Paul Kuharsky: He's competing for the fourth receiver slot. I don't know how that's overlooked or undervalued. There is no way he's better than Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter or Nate Washington. He's a very easy guy to root for, and I understand that popularity. He's a very likeable, hard worker who does the right things and had great size. He's also slow. I think some fans come close to overrating than underrating. I'd put Preston fifth right now, behind Marc Mariani and ahead of Derek Hagan, but not by much.

Paul Kuharsky: It's hard to pick just one. Kendall Wright has been fantastic. Campbell, as we've discussed, is struggling. Marini has also been very good. Tyler Wilson has also been very bad.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't understand why the corners would be slacking. They are playing for jobs and roles. You can't take plays off or let down in the situations they are in. Now, receivers are going to win a good share of plays. That's life in the NFL. But you make a play, you make a play.